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Dear CAS Group,

I was thrilled to earn the U.S. a spot on the podium for the Dual Banked Slalom race in Norway on March 11th. .

This was a battle to the end, and my ability to train with my able-bodied team in Utah helped prepare me for the challenge. I didn’t time trial very well during my qualifier, they took the top four women, and I came in fifth.

This meant I had to take a second qualifier to bracket for heats. I ended up with the second-fastest time for the woman overall on my second run, and this secured my fifth place seat.

I ended up racing my way to winning the bronze medal. I did a total of nine runs, six of which were racing head to head.

I’m very proud of my progress and was ready to rock and roll for the boardercross races. Unfortunately, the rest of the races were canceled due to the Coronavirus outbreak and we had to book it back to the States.

I took away so many valuable lessons from this race, and your sponsorship has allowed me to know that I have done everything within my power to race at my best during competition. This funding has allowed me to train hard, and compete with the able-bodied for boardercross.

The additional training I’ve been able to secure thanks to the CAS sponsorship has allowed me to maintain my composure when I have to fight and race my way up to the podium. I’m pushing limits both physically, mechanically (with my foot), and mentally, and I will never give up, even when I have to battle back from a fifth-place bracket spot.

I cannot thank you enough for your contribution to my success both financially and cheering me on from a distance.

All the best,

Brittani Coury
2018 Paralympic Silver Medalist, Motivational Speaker, and Registered Nurse

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