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About Us

Our staff includes more than 100 of the top subject matter experts in today’s digital world. We are vendor and solution agnostic and focus entirely on helping you meet your business objectives.

Who is CAS Group?

The full name of the company is Convergence Acceleration Solutions. However, since that’s a mouth full we often refer to ourselves simply as “CAS.” The full name was chosen to convey the group’s ability to accelerate the process of unifying people, process and technologies to make great things happen.

The company’s logo is a cat head. It was modeled after a drawing of our founder’s family pet. The entire leadership team adopted this logo when they realized a cat would represent the best characteristics our team possessed. Those being clarity, being extremely nimble, agile, and the ability to land on their feet, even from very great heights.

In addition, John McAleer has a great passion for racing and is a driver himself. CAS Group is an official sponsor of the Johan Schwarz BMW performance racing team. Up until very recently Schwarz held the world record for the longest drift at 51.28 miles. As a result, the company logo is on the picture of the car in the Guinness Book of World Records.

So, racing cars and images of the CAS Group sponsored vehicle became a visual element in the branding because just like race car drivers, the team has an above average capacity for situational awareness which allows them to quickly get a read on some of the issues that may be impeding a client’s success. Our experts can very quickly weigh potential risks against relative reward and process vast amounts of information at warp speed. All this means we help clients make the right decisions in what often feels like a very complex and cloudy situation.

Furthermore, the CAS Group operates like any other high performing team at a race track with all members of the team working towards a common goal, everyone clear on their role and carrying their weight and everyone listening to and respecting one another.

Lastly, with large-scale transformation, just like in racing, the difference between triumph and catastrophe can be razor thin. In the same way that racers at the apex of their career realize they can’t win with their team alone, our clients seek us out as the best of the best to help them cross the finish line.

Our Work to Date

The CAS leadership team decided long ago not to affiliate with any vendor solution or product, so we would always remain 100% focused on helping our clients select the best possible solution set for their situation.  None of that has changed and CAS Group is one of the few, if not the last, independent consulting firms focused on solving the complex issues facing the telecommunications industry.

In addition, we also decided long ago to keep client teams lean. We all agreed our role should be that of a strategic adviser, integrating hands-on development teams and additional resources only when needed, and always with the goal of transferring that knowledge to our clients, making them self-sufficient as quickly as possible. Our motto became “problem resolution NOT problem perpetuation.”

Acting in this capacity, CAS Group has helped some of the world’s largest cable and telecommunications companies develop solution architectures, evaluate and select their technology partners and manage the corresponding conversion projects.

CAS has also been involved in every aspect of launching entirely new businesses and has been a strategic adviser to many service providers striving to improve their customer experience. Lastly, many of the projects in which CAS has been involved have resulted in dramatic improvements in operational efficiency and productivity.

CAS Group has generated more than $250M in services revenue since opening its doors in 2007 and was named one of American’s Fastest Growing Private Companies by Inc. magazine.

Where We Are Headed

Over the past few years the team has been sought after by many companies who now find themselves struggling to adapt to the changing role they must play in a rapidly evolving digital world.

The experience and knowledge CAS has gained from the very complex transformation programs we’ve run over the past decade is proving to be highly transferable to companies from a variety of industries who now find themselves in the same shoes the communication industry has been wearing for years.

For example, CAS is working with local governments and utility companies who are facing the highly complex challenge of developing “smart cities” and manufacturers of electronics, appliances and other potentially “intelligent” products who are struggling to understand what the future holds as the Internet of Everything becomes a reality.

Our unique blend of industry experience, love of a challenge and innate ability to conquer the complex makes us an invaluable partner and adviser to anyone seeking clarity and trying to succeed in the constantly changing digital world.

Giving Back

We believe very strongly in the concept of capitalism with a conscience and we give back to the industries we serve and the communities in which we work. These activities serve to give us an even higher sense of purpose, broaden our perspective and bond us further as a team.
Plus, it just makes us happy.


Through donations, CAS Group helps Catholic Social Services provide meals, food assistance, and additional support to organizations serving children and the poor.

CAS Group donates to Safehouse Denver and in doing so they help women and children who experience domestic violence to seek safe shelter.

Through donations, the Delores Project provides safe, comfortable shelter, and personalized services for unaccompanied women and transgender individuals experiencing homelessness.

The Colorado Village Collaborative bridges the gap between the streets and stable housing. Through CAS Group donations, CVC is able to create + operate transformational housing in communities which experience homelessness.

MUST addresses basic needs such as food, housing, jobs and clothes for individuals, families and children in Cobb & Cherokee counties and provides programs in numerous other counties, restoring lives 1 person & 1 community at a time.
CAS Group helps St. Patrick to build positive change within the lives of homeless people (+ those at risk of becoming homeless) through affordable housing, mental, and physical health, as well as employment and financial stability.

Oxfam America creates lasting solutions to poverty, hunger, and injustice. Oxfam saves lives, helps people overcome poverty, and fights for social justice in more than 100 countries. CAS Group is an affiliate of Oxfam International.
North Fulton Community Charities build self-sufficiency & prevent homelessness / hunger in our community by providing emergency assistance (rent, utilities, & other necessities) and enrichment programs to 4,000+ families every year.
Adaptive Spirit focuses on networking & building business relationships in the cable television industry. Through initiatives that focus on education and networking, Adaptive Spirit champions the strength of business relationships.